DESTINATION Correct location, includes more than one correctness in it’s boundaries. Be sure that, when we say Turkey is the right place for you, we rely on our rich culture, ability to connect two continents, advantages in geography, economy and more. Turkey is fairly “accessible” in many aspects. That’s the key that opens the doors. Anyone can easily visit us, surely we can find a common ground. Any language can be spoken, after all each language equals more people and more people means more interaction. We support quality not by chance, but by our talents. We love what we do and we keep producing. That’s why we can take less and give more. Willingly.

A UNIQUE LAND Being without a rival derives from uniqueness. Turkish lands possess many values that cannot be found elsewhere. We create opportunities from our values and turn them into gains. We hold onto things that makes unforgettable and be inspired. We use the most eye-catching pieces of each city to draw energy from them while creating magnificent jewelleries. We present all the unique pieces to you through this process and watch the competition from outside as our achievements makes us unrivaled.


    This land was home for many great civilizations throughout history. Each civilization left its mark generously and today, Turkish jewellery trade enjoys great heritage advantage that helps people realise why jewellery is bought from Turkey.

    7000 years of memories…


    Turkey’s design and finishing superiority comes from not just one but many sources of inspiration. The centuries of experience, the witnessing of beauty, variety of talents and styles, the craftsmanship are all in our blood. The creativity is a standard La Difference in Turkish jewellery design.

    Visions beyond imagination…


    Turkey, compared to other countries has a much more competitive price strategy. It compensates the difference with its love for jewellery without compromising high quality and unique creations.

    Aggressively competitive in prices…


    The richness and the superior quality that is the trademark of our gold reserves comes from the hearts of Anatolia. When met with the talented masters of our trade whose skills are often handed from generations to generations, Turkish jewellery quality is unmatched.

    Generations of craftsmanship…